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Concerned about a student? Please let us know. The purpose of the Student Behavior Consultation Team (SBCT) is to coordinate the resources of RIT to address inappropriate, disruptive, or harmful student behavior in order to recommend collaborative and purposeful (and non-punitive) interventions aimed at helping students achieve success.  In addition the SBCT assists faculty and staff in addressing instances of student behavior which may be inappropriate, harmful, or disruptive for the RIT living and learning community.

Other responsibilities of SBCT include making recommendations to the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs regarding students who may need to leave RIT via the RIT Leave of Absence Policy, outreaching to students regarding the death of a student or student-related crisis, and providing educational programming to faculty, staff and students at RIT regarding resources and referrals.

The SBCT is comprised of the following core members:

  • Dr. Dawn Soufleris, (Chair) Associate Vice President, Residential Education and Community Standards
  • David Bagley, Senior Director, Center for Residence Life
  • Chris Denninger, Director, Public Safety
  • Dr. Brooke Durland, Executive Director, Student Health
  • Marc Goldman, Associate Director (Res Halls), Center for Residence Life
  • Joe Johnston, Director, Center for Student Conduct
  • Sharon Kompalla, Associate Director (Apartments), Center for Residence Life
  • Dr. Philip Lavine, Psychiatrist, Student Health
  • Dr. Mark Allen Miles, Clinical Director, Counseling Center
  • Mark Rosica,Chairperson/Associate Professor, NTID Counseling and Academic Advising
  • Donna Rubin, Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness
  • John Weas, Director, Counseling Center

Possible outcomes for a student referred to SBCT:

  • No Action
  • Faculty/staff Follow up
  • Residence Life Follow-Up Contact
  • RIT Counseling Center Referral
  • SBCT Behavioral Agreement
  • Parental Contact
  • Referral to the Center for Student Conduct
  • Leave of Absence
  • Withdrawal from RIT
  • Mandatory Leave of Absence
  • Vice President for Student Affairs Hold
  • Hospital Referral

For more information, please contact:

          RIT Student Behavior Consultation Team:

                      Dawn Soufleris, Chair     475-2574  dmsrhs@rit.edu


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