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Welcome to RIT!

You made it here, which means you’ve already completed Step 1 of our immunization process.

To complete Step 2 and Step 3, refer to the detailed instructions below.

Step 2: As a New Student you have access RIT Wellness Portal to download and complete the 4 required forms. 


  • The 4 forms are:
    • Immunization Record
    • Health History
    • Tuberculosis Screening
    • Insurance and Treatment Authorization


Please complete your forms as soon as possible.

Immunization records:

If you have immunization records from your doctor's office or school, you may use that form as your verification documentation and go to step 3.

Physician Verification Form: (If you do not have one of the documents above)

When you have completed your Immunization form, you will receive a physician verfication form in your RIT email (about 1/2 hour after completing immunization form).  You will need to have your Physician reveiw the information. Your Physician would then sign and date the form. When you receive your physician verification form back, you will go to step 3.

Step 3: There are three ways to submit your immunization documentation:

  • Upload in your portal (see instruction below) Preferred  
  • Email
  • Fax 585-475-7530

If you have uploaded your form into your portal, you do not need to email or fax your form to us. Please allow us up to a week to process paperwork.

How to upload your form(s):

Go to your portal
  • Locate Document Upload
  • Select Document Type
    • ADHD Form/Information
    • Immunization Physician Verification Form/Record
    • Insurance Card
    • Tuberculosis Clinical Assessment
  • Click on Browse and locate your file
  • Once you have located your file, click on file and open
  • Click save

Once you have filled out your on-line forms and submitted all required documentation, you can check your status by referring to the Checklist on the portal.

 Note: The portal will not change until it updates every day after 7pm ET.

A green Pmeans you have complete that process. A red X means that the corresponding form has not been completed or cannot be approved. A yellow ! (exclamation point) means you are in process and need to complete a form or send in more inforamtion or need to complete a vaccination series.

Meningococcal receipt of information on the Immunization form requires a signature from ALL students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours. Signature must be completed before the start of classes.

The Student Health Center staff is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.  Please contact us by email: or call 585-475-2255.

Detailed Immunization Requirements

To help ensure a healthy student community, all students must comply with New York State and RIT immunization requirements. New York State Law mandates that students be disenrolled from classes if this information is not submitted.

New York State and RIT Requirements for Class Attendance
All forms of proof must be in English

Click on + to view additional information

Required MMR

What do I need:

  • Proof of 2 valid MMR vaccines (measles, mumps and rubella) given after first birthday
  • If MMR record not available blood titers for each disease may be submitted

Who is required:

  • All students born on or after 1/1/1957 and enrolled in 6 or more credit hours 

Additional Information:

  • Due before the start of classes
  • 1st vaccine must be given after first birthday
  • Must be in English
  • Dates verified by health care provider or school official
Required Meningococcal Receipt of Information Signature (located on Immunization Form)

What do I need:

  • Read and sign the meningitis receipt of information section of the Immunization form

Who is required:

  • All students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours

Additional Information:

  • Due before the start of classes
Required Meningococcal Meningitis (A,C,Y,W)

What do I need:

  • Proof of meningococcal tetravalent vaccination (MCV - ACYW)) on or after age 16

Who is required:

  • All students age 21 or younger
  • Enrolled in 6 or more credit hours
  • Due before the start of classes
  • Verification of date by health or school official
Recommended Hepatitis B

What do I need:

  • Series of three vaccines               

Who is required:

  • Athletes

Who is recommended:

  • All students

Additional Information:

  • Must be in English
  • Verification of dates by health or school official
Recommended Tetanus

What do I need:

  • Booster within last 10 years
  • Tdap vaccination is recommended for the booster to provide protection against pertussis

Who is required:

  • All students
  • Must be in English
  • Verification of dates by health or school official
Recommended HPV (Gardasil 9)

What do I need:

  • Series of 3 valid doses over 6 months

Who is required:

  • Women and men ages 9-26

Additional Information:

  • Protects against 9 types of HPV - the virus that causes genital warts and cervical cancer.


Recommended Influenza

What do I need:

  • 1 dose annually

Who is required:

  • All students, especially those with a chronic illness or a condition/medication that affects the immune system.

Additional Information:

  • Usually available seasonally in the Student Health Center for a fee.
Recommended Pneumococcal Vaccine (Pneumovax)

What do I need:

  • 1 valid dose

Who is required:

  • Students with cochlear implants
  • Some students with heart disease or weakened immune system
Recommended Varicella

What do I need:

  • 2 valid doses 4-8 weeks apart              

Who is required:

  • Students who have not had chicken pox.
Medical Exemption Requirements

Additional Information:

  • Sufficient documentation must be submitted by the student's medical provider including reason for contraindication and end date if applicable or other documents.
  • You may request form from Student Health Center
Religious Exemption Requirements:

Additional Information:

  • You must submit the Request for Religious Exemption Form
  • RIT requires the form to be notarized
  • NY State does not accept philosophical waivers
RIT Employees and Family Members:

If you take 6 or more credit hours at RIT, you are considered students under the NYS Public Health Law 2165/2167.

Therefore, employees and family members must comply with established NYS and RIT immunization requirements regardless of how long you have been associated with RIT.


If you were honorably discharged within 10 years from the date of your application to RIT, you can submit your armed forces official vaccination records as proof of immunization.

If there is a delay in obtaining your official vaccination records, the DD 214 Form (Separation of Service) will enable you to attend classes temporarily.

NOTE: DD 214 does not fulfill the immunization requirements. We must receive your vaccination records.

Online or Off-Campus Program/Major:

ALL courses are completely online or off-campus. You are not subjected to immunization compliance.

If your program is online/off-campus, but you attend an on-campus orientation, on-campus course or other event, you ARE subjected to immunization compliance.