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Welcome RIT Parents and Guardians

The transition to college is a significant, exciting and sometimes anxious one for young adults and their families. Students are away from home, away from parents and guardians and away from their familiar primary health care provider. Parents and guardians often have questions and concerns about the ways in which the SHC will care for their student. The staff of the SHC is very invested in your student's health. The clinicians (physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistant and nurses) who work in the SHC choose to specialize in college health because we like working with young adults and genuinely care about their well-being. We understand that while they are here at RIT, students are learning not just about their major subject, but also about how to make healthy choices, how to care for themselves, and how to utilize the health care system effectively on their own when needed. We are here to help them learn.

Some topics that may be of interest to parents and guardians:


We encourage students to share their health issues with their parents, but, due to privacy laws and the SHC confidentiality policy, we are unable to share any medical information with anyone, including parents or guardians, without the student's written permission. The exception to this policy is the event of a life threatening medical emergency.

A SHC Release of Information form is used to document the student's consent to share specific medical information for a specific illness situation. We do not have a "blanket" release that covers all visits.

Confidentiality does not restrict what you can tell us, however. If you have a particular concern or wish to share information about your student, you may certainly call and ask to speak with a nurse or with the clinician who has seen your student. Parental perspective, insight and knowledge of the student's past medical history are very helpful to us as we care for your student.


One of the most important things you can do before your student comes to RIT is to check your insurance policy and make sure your student is adequately covered while at RIT. Especially if your home is outside the upstate New York area, we advise that you check for "out of network" coverage and requirements. Students who have state based Medicaid are not covered outside their home state.

If your insurance does not cover your student outside your home area, we strongly urge you to consider purchasing the RIT Aetna insurance. For more information please visit our Insurance page.

Make sure your student has an up to date insurance card of his/her own (or at least a copy). There are situations when this information is very helpful—for example, if the SHC sends lab work to the outside lab or the clinician has to refer the student to a specialist.


Compliance with New York State and RIT immunization requirements is essential for helping to maintain a healthy campus. Please visit our Immunization page for more information.

NOTE: Students are disenrolled if non-compliant 30 days after classes begin, per NYS public health law.

Urgencies and Emergencies

The SHC is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30AM until 6:30PM and Fridays from 8:30AM until 4:30PM. We are not open on weekends.

The Student Health Center offers an on-call nurse advice service for immediate medical concerns when the SHC is closed. The nurse advice service cannot assist with making or cancelling appointments or managing prescription issues. If you need health advice when the Student Health Center is closed, please call 585-475-2255 and select the nurse advice option.

There are two University of Rochester teaching hospitals and several urgent care centers very close to campus for care of urgent medical issues when the SHC is closed.

For more information about resources for urgencies and emergencies when the SHC is closed is available on our What To Do When The SHC Is Closed page.

Important Contact Numbers

*Make sure your student has these numbers in his/her phone

RIT Student Health Center
Dr. Brooke Durland, Director (585) 475-2009
(585) 475-2255 Fax: (585) 475-7788
For medical advice when the SHC is closed: Call (585) 475-2255 and press zero to be connected to the on-call nurse advice service.

RIT Public Safety (available 24/7)
(585) 475-2853 (regular number) (585) 475-3333 (emergency number)
Text: (585) 205-8333

RIT Counseling Center
Dr. Mark Miles, Director Clinical Services (585) 475-5703
(585) 475-2261 (daytime hours Monday-Friday)
For mental health emergencies call Public Safety at (585) 475-3333 or text to (585) 205-8333 and ask to be connected with the Crisis Counselor on call.

Substance Abuse Counseling
Karen Pelc, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
(585) 475-7081

Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf (SAISD)
Jeff Rubin, Director
(585) 475-4963

RIT Disability Services Office
Susan Ackerman, Director
(585) 475-6988

Center for Women and Gender
Darci Lane, Director
(585) 475-7464

RIT Ombuds Office
Lee Twyman, Ombudsperson (585) 475-2876
Michael Cross, Senior Staff Assistant (585) 475-7200

What To Bring

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Questions or comments? Send us feedback. Telephone: 585-475-2411