Student Health Center

Dear Incoming Student,

The transition to college is both exciting and stressful. There seems to be so much to do and so little time to do it all. It's a challenge to balance time, academics, finances and fun. The good news is that somehow, believe it or not, you will survive!                 

Your health is affected by all aspects of your life-from disease causing germs to stress, from the food you eat to the lifestyle you choose, from a broken bone to a broken heart. The Student Health Center understands your needs and can provide you with comprehensive medical care as well as education for improving your health. Healthy students are able to concentrate better on their studies and reach their fullest potential.

Life is a continual process of learning to maintain good health. Let us help you learn to take the best possible care of your whole self.

We wish you well!



Brooke D. Durland, MD
Executive Director

Special Note to Parents:
The next few months for you and your college student will be a source of excitement, empowerment, frustration, anxiety and exhaustion. During this busy and stressful time, you may overlook the need to talk to your student about the importance of maintaining good health.

Staying healthy certainly enhances a student's potential for academic success.

Until now, you have been responsible, perhaps, for arranging health care and have always been a part of and informed about your son or daughter's health matters. Now it all changes. Your student has to arrange and manage his/her own health care details. In addition, as an adult, your son or daughter is entitled to privacy on all health matters. You will not always be informed about health related information/details without specific written authorization from (by) your student. This may be a significant change for you as a parent. It is our hope that you will trust us to encourage your student to discuss health issues with you when appropriate, so that we all work together to ensure continuing good health.

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