Student Health Center

Pregnancy Testing

Does the SHC do pregnancy tests?

Yes, the SHC does pregnancy testing and counseling. Please call or stop by the SHC to make an appointment.

What type of test is done?

The pregnancy test used at the SHC is a urine test. Be prepared to give a urine sample at the time of the visit. The test takes five minutes to complete. You will be asked about your most recent menstrual period, any methods of birth control used, medications used and other information that will help us with assessing your situation.

How much does the pregnancy test cost?

The current cost for the test is $8.00. The SHC accepts cash, check, TigerBucks, Visa and MasterCard.

When is the best time to check a pregnancy test?

The urine test detects a hormone released into the urine during pregnancy. The test becomes positive when the amount of the hormone reaches a certain level, about 10 days after the egg is fertilized. In other words, you must be at least 10 days pregnant for the test to be accurate. If you had sex that you believe might have resulted in pregnancy fewer than 10 days ago, it is too early to check.

What if the test is positive and I'm pregnant?

The provider will discuss the test results with you, ask about any concerns or plans you may have already considered and discuss possible options. If you need to be referred for services in the community we will be glad to assist you. If you feel you need extended consultation regarding making a decision we can schedule a follow-up appointment for you here in the SHC or with other campus services as appropriate.

What if the test is negative?

The provider will discuss the result with you and any necessary follow-up. If a repeat test is recommended (for ex. if there is any concern about the timing of the first test or if you don't get your period at the expected time), you will be informed and encouraged to schedule a follow-up visit. The provider can also discuss effective contraceptive options and assist you with scheduling an annual gynecologic exam, if appropriate.


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