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Available Sexual Health Services

We provide primary care services including referrals as needed for people of all genders.

Our services include:

•    Contraceptive (birth control) education, counseling and methods 
•    Counseling and testing for HIV
•    Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
•    Routine screening for cervical cancer (pap test)
•    Gardasil® Vaccinations
•    Diagnosis and treatment of vaginal infections
•    Pregnancy Confirmation and Counseling
•    Diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction. This includes reduced libido, anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction.
•    Other sexual and gender health education and counseling

More information about sexual health services:
•    Contraception
•    Emergency Contraception
•    HPV and Gardasil
•    Pregnancy Testing
•    Gynecologic exams for people with a vagina, uterus and/or ovaries