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Be Well

A successful college career involves more than how well you perform academically. College is a time when you begin to make choices that will determine your adult way of life. Student Wellness is a cluster of programs and services within the Student Affairs Division focused on supporting student success by enhancing the overall health and well-being of RIT's student body. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools to help shape this path. By practicing holistic wellness, you will find that your life will be both enriched and better balanced now and into the future.

The following seven dimensions of wellness have been separately categorized to help you find on-campus resources pertaining to each of these areas. The services listed within each dimension are not exhaustive, but do represent some primary services and departments at RIT.

Career/Academic Dimension Icon Career/Academic
Choose A Program • Find A Job • Study Smarter • Be A Leader • Start A Career

Emotional Dimension Icon Emotional
Have Support • Get Help • Be Aware • Embrace Diversity • Find Acceptance

Environmental Dimension Icon Environmental
Go Green • Live Sustainably • Respect Your Community • Take Action

Financial Dimension Icon Financial
Get Money • Gather Resources • Find Opportunity • Manage Your Wallet

Physical Dimension Icon Physical
Hit The Gym • Learn A New Sport • Go Outside • Join A Team • Eat Healthy

Spiritual Dimension Icon Spiritual
Find Peace • Be Balanced • Strive For Centeredness • Breathe Deep

Social Dimension Icon Social
Join A Club • Make Friends • Live Together • See The Sights • Have Fun

Student Health 101

All RIT students are provided with a free subscription to Student Health 101, an e-zine designed specifically for college students. Monthly issues include wellness information aimed at helping you make better decisions and to provide you with a better understanding of the wellness challenges you will face in college today.

Click the Student Health 101 logo below to read the current issue.

Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services includes prevention, education, counseling and support for students through individual meetings, group counseling (the Eating Disorders group), classroom presentations, workshops and programs. The Student Wellness staff is available to assist you in achieving your academic goals by helping you stay healthy. Let us help you learn how to be successful and healthy!

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