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Western New York Placement Exchange
Western New York Placement Exchange
March 6th in Rochester, New York
RIT Inn and Conference Center
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Before WNYPE


  1. Check your email for correspondents from potential employers.
  2. Utilize "Attending Institutions" to inquire about positions of interest.
  3. Keep in mind that there will be employers that schedule on the day on WNYPE at RIT.

Preparing for Interviews

  1. Think of aspects you want employers to know about you and rehearse ways to include them when answering questions.
  2. Practice mock interviews with mentors in the field. Have them give you pointers on what needs to be improved.
  3. Find out which employers are attending WNYPE ahead of time, take time to research their institution and department and see who you are most interested in applying with. When planning your interview schedule, try to place positions you are most interested in towards the middle of the day. This way you have had time to practice and become comfortable answering questions. The first interview may make you sound rehearsed while you may become tired while your last interview.
  4. Be selective for which employers you want to interview with. Not every place is the right fit and if you know that ahead of time then do not stress yourself out by trying to cram your schedule with interviews with them.
  5. Have prepared questions ready to ask specific to each employer you are interviewing with to show that you have an interest and did research on each of them.
  6. Research on issues and trends in higher education and show that you are staying current.
  7. Have thank you notes on hand to write to each employer after completing an interview with them.

Packing List

  1. Bring 10-15 copies of your resume and references.
  2. An organizer to keep track of your interview schedules and with whom. This is a good way to write notes about an interview after it ends to remember information to be used later.
  3. Bring useful utensils such as pens, notepads, thank you notes, highlighter, stapler and staples.
  4. Bring extra wardrobe for interviews and social in case something spills or rips on your clothing. Example: Additional interview attire, extra socks, and shoes.
  5. Miscellaneous items including toiletries, static guard, lint brush, breath mints, aspirin, antacid, band-aids, and tissues.
  6. Bring a copy of your schedule of the pre-scheduled interviews if you have one in order for us to accommodate your schedule with new interview additions during WNYPE.