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Western New York Placement Exchange
Western New York Placement Exchange
March 6th in Rochester, New York
RIT Inn and Conference Center
nowAtRIT Center for Residence Life NEACUHO CSPA-NYS NASPA Region 2

Before WNYPE

Preparing for Interviews

  1. Be sure the information for the position(s) you are recruiting for is available on the WNYPE website for candidates to see.
  2. Review resumes of candidates and extend an invitation to interview to those who meet the basic qualifications for the position(s).
  3. Bring a copy of all candidates’ resume you have pre-scheduled an interview with you at WNYPE.
  4. Each interview is 30 minutes long.
  5. Prepare your schedule before arriving at WNYPE. Include pre-scheduled interviews and leave room for new interviews, second interviews, lunch, read messages, deliver messages, paperwork, and to relax.
  6. Be aggressive with your marketing materials.

Packing List

  1. Marketing materials to pass out or hang up.
  2. Have a filing system to contain all information of candidates you are interviewing and to keep additional materials you may have.
  3. Bring pens, stapler and staples, notepads, tissues, phone and computer charger, etc.
  4. A list of candidate information and pre-scheduled interviews.
  5. Your institution’s interview materials.