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Western New York Placement Exchange
Western New York Placement Exchange
March 6th in Rochester, New York
RIT Inn and Conference Center
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During WNYPE

Registration & Checking In

Once you arrive at WNYPE, proceed to the Registration Table to check yourself in. Be prepared to provide your full name, name of your institution, and payment if you have not paid yet for your registration. We will supply you with a map and a schedule of events for WNYPE.

Candidate Orientation

The Employer Orientation will occur in the morning which will provide you with important information of how your day will look like and what to do. We will explain where everything is located, how to manage interviews and schedule interviews, how to find a WNYPE staff person to help you, and more. During this session, we will provide answers to most frequent asked questions and answer any question you have.

Message Center

The Message Center is where all of the employers’ and candidates’ mailboxes are located. This is where you can write messages to candidates along with any additional materials including requests for an interview. Be sure to check your mailbox frequently throughout your stay at WNYPE.

Scheduling Center

The Scheduling Center is where you go for assistance with your schedule for interviews. The staff will help you with your pre-scheduled interviews and to schedule additional interviews. If you receive a note from a candidate asking for an interview with you, you can bring the note to the Scheduling Center and we can find a time that works with your and the candidate’s interviewing schedule.

Candidates and employers may contact each other before WNYPE and schedule interviews to take place during WNYPE. You can view the contact information of each candidate’s resume if you wish to pre-schedule an interview.