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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Center for Women and Gender?

The Center for Women and Gender is located on the first floor of the Campus Center, room 1760.


What is The Center for Women and Gender for?

The mission of the Center for Women and Gender is to foster an educational environment in which all community members can be personally, academically, and professionally successful without regard to gender, racial/ethnic origins, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, or spiritual beliefs.

We believe that equitable situations and equitable relationships for women will in turn improve the lives of all people. Our Center is a resource for the entire RIT community.


Does the Center for Women and Gender provide counseling?

The Center provides confidential crisis intervention, advocacy, support, education and some short-term counseling typically for relationship concerns. The Center for Women and Gender refers students to on and off campus resources when appropriate, including (for example) the RIT Counseling Center, the RIT Student Health Center, and Planned Parenthood.


Is there a fee for the services at the Center for Women and Gender?

No, our services free and confidential for members of the RIT community.


Do men go to the Center for Women and Gender?

Absolutely! Male students come to the center to use our services, consult with staff members, and to participate in educational and volunteer opportunities. If I have a problem is there someone there I can talk to? There is always someone available to answer questions and schedule appointments during open office hours from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday. If you have a problem and would like to speak to someone on a one-to-one basis staff members are available.


What is CARES?

The Campus Advocacy, Response, and Support Program (CARES) is a comprehensive program for victims of sexual assault, harassment, relationship violence, and stalking. If you or someone you knows needs help please stop by the Center for Women and Gender or contact us by phone/text message, AIM or click on the "Report an Incident" link on the Center’s homepage.

Call: 585.295.3533 v/txt

CARES is staffed 24 Hours a day. During normal business hours, you can contact an advocate at the Center for Women and Gender. During afterhours, weekends, breaks and holidays, call the number listed above for assistance.