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Advisory Board

The Center for Women and Gender Advisory Board is made up of members from the RIT community. This dedicated group of women and men will help the staff meet its goals and support the Center as we grow in the coming years.

Advisory Board Members include:

Margaret Bailey

M. Renee Baker
Executive Director

Deb Blizzard

Jodi Carville
Program Manager

Kijana Crawford
Associate Professor

Betsy Dell
Undeclared ET Coordinator

Joyce Hertzson

Jill Jablonski
Program Coordinator

Tina Lent

Elaine Lewis
Women in Technology

Jessica Lieberman
Assistant Professor

Bernadette Lynch

Mary Pat Magde
Counselor/Academic Advisor

Sharon Mason

Chandra McKenzie
Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs

Sandra Murphy
Women in Computing Program Coordinator

Katie Schmitz
Chair/Associate Professor

Kristine Stehler
Assistant Director

Laura Tubbs
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Educatiom

Betty Vickery
Nurse Practitioner