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Sustainability At RIT

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Green Your Office

Green Your Office

RITchie’s List

RITchie’s ListYou’ve heard of Freecycle right?  RIT has its own version of Freecycle for office supplies. RITchie's List is an online tool for faculty and staff to promote a free office supply exchange within Rochester Institute of Technology.

So, if you are up to your eyeballs in paperclips, binders, or anything else, use Ritchie's List to put your “extra stuff” to good use…REUSE!  There is also a wish list that you can post to if you are looking for something specific.  More

Surplus Property

For larger items like furniture, utilize the RIT Surplus Property Program.  It is designed to provide a cost effective, timely and efficient process to reallocate resources within RIT, and for disposing of unneeded goods at the highest practical rate of return to departments and RIT.  More

Reduce Paper Consumption

Add this note (or some variation of it) to your email signature:

Reduce Paper Consumption

If you have the Webdings font installed on your computer, you can also create this graphic yourself easily. The tree graphic is the letter P using the Webdings font. Make the rest of the text green, and attach this signature to all your emails to promote environmental awareness.

Double Sided Printing

Double sided (duplex) printing is possible on printers equipped with this option. To find out more:

Change the Margins is a website and movement dedicated to reducing paper waste by reducing the margins used when printing. It is a simple concept but makes a difference by saving paper. Try it.