Kristine Reed Walton, NY

About Kristine

Junior, Nutritional Management

I decided to try spring track in middle school because my older brother was on the varsity team and I thought it’d be something we could bond over and have in common for once. I told the coach I wanted to run “distance”. When I said that I had meant the 400m and maybe the 800m. I didn’t know there were races longer than that! Before I knew it I was thrown into the 1500m and 2400m races and going on long runs around the fields with the boys instead of doing sprints on the track with all my girlfriends. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but my brother encouraged me not to give up just yet and helped me with things like form, eating right, and hydration. By 9th grade I had played my first season of JV Field Hockey and hated the dramatic teammates who always blamed others when they messed up. I joined Varsity Indoor Track and continued in the spring. The varsity coach became like a grandfather to me and soon I couldn’t get enough of running through the snow, rain, or hot summer heat. I went to track meets with my brother who was now a senior and had a blast with all my new friends and teammates. When fall came the next year I turned down the invitation to move up to varsity field hockey and joined cross country instead. Running has been my favorite part of my days ever since.

I want to be a part of Tiger Trail because I know the effect running can have on people and I’ve seen the effect it seems to have had on our country the past few years. Running has grown tremendously in popularity and, as a nutrition major who loves nothing more than to see people achieve amazing self-confidence through exercise, I’m curious to see how big it can get. I believe that in today's world of social media and “status updates”, a cross-country run for women could bring a nation of runners to their feet. After hearing numerous people tell us we can’t and that the women’s team will always live in the men’s shadow, I feel the need to cross one more very special finish line. I’m excited for this relay because I want to have an impact on other young women of this country who are told they can’t. Being that we are also “only a D3 team”, I think we have a shot at surprising a lot of people. And on a more personal level, I want to show people just what a small town girl’s made of.