Update 1 by Kaylin Beiter

Posted on March 21, 2015 at 12:53 PM

If you're following on facebook and online then you certainly know we've been going for a few hours now. Travel went well for the most part (Megan and Erin had a slight delay but no problems there)). We found Auburn and had a wonderful dinner; a women named Gwen met us and fed us a delicious dinner. After a long shopping trip we had a short meeting to go over some last minute details. A few of us went on an evening shake out to look for a Tiger statue to start at, but no dice. There was some slight confusion on the Auburn campus, but our short run didn't turn into too long of a trek.

We stayed in a parking lot over night and three of us (Danielle, Emily, and myself) tried sleeping outside because it was so nice out. However, it got colder as the night went on and by morning we all ended up inside because it got colder as the night went on. Jeremy from Auburn met us in the morning and let us into the Football locker room so we could shower; the place was amazing. I told Danielle I should have been born male and played a different sport, but of course I was kidding!

Our first cop encounter occurred at around 11:45 this morning with RV2; an Alabama trooper pulled up on them while they were parked on the side of the road. He asked if they needed any assistance, and Coach told them all about our 1400 mile run.... he gave a funny look and said something along the lines of "y'all have a nice day now then." I'll let you ask him more about that later! Rachel said that they then stopped a little further back where the active runner and chase vehicle were and told them he'd increase patrol in the area to make sure nobody was speeding, which was very nice of him.

Back to the start of the run itself though: we had a reporter and a photographer meet us this morning at the start. With Auburn being in the Central Time Zone (something I didn't anticipate until we were in the South), we started at 9 am CST. After figuring out which direction to go (North, not South!) the rest of the turnover went off without a hitch. RV1 just finished and RV2 is now on their first runs.

Wanted to let you all know we're still alive; talk to you more soon!

Signing off from route 299 in Alabama, Kaylin

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Coming Soon

Keep your eyes open for a photo gallery, which should be available early this week. Alex Shipman has been documenting the trip with photographs of our progress, so be sure to check back!