Expect the Unexpected by Coach Stevens

Posted on March 28, 2015 at 9:08 PM

As I mentioned, Tuesday evening was one of the toughest runs of my life. Running back to back with the heat and the hills nearly claimed my body, but more importantly my mind. If I was going to survive the week, I knew that I was going to need to plan and pace out my runs with the ladies so that I could attain my goal of running one leg of the relay with each woman.

It was in this planning process that Ifound the very spirit that each of these women has exuded in this remarkable journey. Watching these women thrive – not survive – in snow, driving rain, extreme cold and extreme heat, through wooded trails, on major traffic arteries, up mountains, down mountains, and across this great nation I have witnessed something truly uncommon. I have watched 15 women defy seemingly insurmountable odds to stand before you today proudly. And they did it with complete disregard for uncertainty and adversity.

A moment ago I mentioned aword that I hold in very high regard; uncommon. Our society teaches our youth to have a plan and execute it. While I agree with this, I think we spend so much time planning that we fail to execute, or don’t know how to execute, when circumstances dictate you change your plan. That’s probably because when making these plans human nature and social norms tell you to avoid pitfalls or adversity. Just like I was trying to do after my humbling North Carolina mountain run with Keira. But to these women, these things don’t matter. When you’re up in that order you’re running the next three miles whether mother-nature decides to scorn you or your body doesn’t want to cooperate. It doesn’t matter. You can plan all you want, but unless you’re willing to move that baton when the plan goes awry you’re never going to get from Alabama to New York.

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Keep your eyes open for a photo gallery, which should be available early this week. Alex Shipman has been documenting the trip with photographs of our progress, so be sure to check back!