Update from Jeri by Jeriann Beiter

Posted on March 24, 2015 at 4:29 PM

Today, we mourn the loss of a friend most dear. The last mozzarella cheese stick passed on this morning, into the mouth of Erin Bucci. While little has been said as of yet, the grief in RV 2 is almost palpable. Truly, this cheese stick touched our hearts and stomachs in ways unimaginable, with its rich, creamy taste and fun, pliable texture. While this moment may go unappreciated by those who don't understand the excitement of eating string cheese (looking at you, Dinkleman!), many of us are feeling the burden. String cheese was there for us all day and all night, keeping us satisfied after runs and all those times we needed it most. Therefore, we celebrate the good times and memories of our friend in need: our friend, indeed. Now, no one will tug on you, cheese stick, but you still tug on our heart strings.

Yeah, this is a cheesy post, but still pretty Gouda!

- Jeri

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Keep your eyes open for a photo gallery, which should be available early this week. Alex Shipman has been documenting the trip with photographs of our progress, so be sure to check back!