Update 3 by Kaylin Beiter

Posted on March 24, 2015 at 5:52 PM

Sunny South Carolina: where it really feels like spring break! Clemson last night was fabulous; we had a chance to meet their T4T club as they cheered for us and brought us dinner. We were spoiled with our second shower in one day in a beautiful track locker room, and we gladly left wearing our NEW SHIRTS! Overall, Clemson gets a 10 out of 10.

Night runs have proven to be eventful; lots of life abounds. For me, the scariest part proved to be when a rabbit jumped out from the bushes. I screamed and ran back to the chase vehicle before my mind registered what was going on… I expected to learn a lot about myself this trip, but never that I’m afraid of adorable bunnies.

We all regrouped before our second run of the night and everyone sailed along smoothly afterwards. The night runs can really be peaceful, especially when we’re out under such beautiful skies in the countryside.

This morning was uneventful; runs were run and naps were had. By 1 pm we arrived at USC in Columbia, where a newswoman came out to tape us running and ask some questions. She’s actually from Rochester, so it was neat to speak with her a bit. See our facebook page for the clip!

One thing that has been difficult to manage is bathroom visits. In trying to avoid using the RVs so that we don’t acquire any more unnecessary odors, we end up getting creative with our stops. Nicole and a few of the others went into a Church to use the lavatory and wound up exchanging brochure information with some of the women there. As much as we love explaining our trip, it’s neat to hear what others have to say to us along the way as well.


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Keep your eyes open for a photo gallery, which should be available early this week. Alex Shipman has been documenting the trip with photographs of our progress, so be sure to check back!