Update 4: Days 4 and 5 by Kaylin Beiter

Posted on March 25, 2015 at 10:32 PM

It’s HUMP DAAAAYY. Let’s see, what’s happened? Well we met a really awesome family in the Carolinas (all the states are starting to blend together…) and tried to convince the daughter to come to RIT next year, as she’s a cross country runner herself!

RV 2 went to Greensboro, which some of the other girls elaborated on beautifully. Interestingly, they have TWO mascots; a lion and a lioness. (Hint hint RIT; we’ve got Roarie from the 5th Freezefest… I think we should learn something from their example!)

In North Carolina during the afternoon of day 4 we met a wonderful woman named Louise who came out while we were parked on her lawn and told us all about her family and farm (the whole 600 acres belong to her and her extended family; they’ve even got the road the named after them!). We took her contact information so that we can send her a postcard from New York when we come home, and she offered to pray for our safety for the rest of the trip. The people we’ve met on this trip are truly wonderful.

Later in the evening we were stopped on one of our busier roads by a cop, who had received calls about a sketchy van trying to run over some poor girl. The officer was thus surprised when Emily stopped as well (proving that we obviously aren’t following her maliciously). He suggested that we put an orange blinking light on top of the van, which we followed through with.

Amanda, Ashley, and the guys went on a shopping trip in the evening to pick up groceries from a local supermarket as we were running low on supplies. They remarked earlier today how strange it was to be back in a “normal” setting, doing a standard daily activity. It certainly feels like we’ve been in somewhat of a bubble, just trying to coordinate our runs and our meet ups with colleges. A few of us from each RV met up this morning and did a radio interview, but even still it doesn’t really sink in how many people we’ve reached. Perhaps it won’t be until after we complete our adventure that we truly appreciate how many people are following our progress and joined in the fun along the way. However, we certainly feel the massive amounts of love and support coming out to us; we grow stronger every day rather than losing momentum. Locals approach us regularly asking if is it true that y’all are runnin’ from Alabama to New York? That sure is a long way for a bunch of girls to be runnin… Yes indeed it is!


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Keep your eyes open for a photo gallery, which should be available early this week. Alex Shipman has been documenting the trip with photographs of our progress, so be sure to check back!