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Alexander Gartley

Print/Web Designer

Take a stroll on RIT’s campus on a sunny day, and you may spot Alexander Gartley riding his longboard. From the first day of spring until the snow begins to fall, Alexander rides his longboard every chance he gets. Not only does it provide him with enjoyment and exercise, but it helps him clear his head, solve creative problems, and get him out of his ‘cube.’

In his work, Alexander gracefully weaves between projects, shifting from print to Web with ease. He focuses on the goal, and goes the extra mile to take each project from good to great, refining throughout the process. He is a quick learner who continues to expand his knowledge into related disciplines, such as Web development and photography.

In his free time, Alexander and his wife, Cristin, teach music and mentor youth at their church, and help oversee mission trips and weekend camps. Alexander’s faith and his heart for others informs both his personality and his work.

Alexander is a graduate of RIT, where he earned a degree in New Media Publishing.