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Brenda Monahan

Print Buyer

Brenda discovered her creativity in the kitchen, competing with her sister over who made the best homemade lemon meringue pies. Cooking gave Brenda a creative outlet to explore her artistic side, which eventually led to a career as a graphic designer.

With her experience, Brenda evolved out of design work and became the department’s print buyer. Brenda guides a project through the printing process and selects print vendors to match the distinctiveness of each project. A print buyer is often the final ingredient to a perfect publication. Like a delicate soufflé, a publication can appear to be perfect, but without a skilled print buyer overseeing the final moments it can fall flat at the end. Brenda blends the right ingredients to ensure a perfect outcome each time.

As they say, you can never get a cook completely out of the kitchen. Brenda is a certified personal chef. She creates menus, shops for ingredients, and prepares and packages meals that promote healthy eating for her clients—which include busy families and professionals. It’s a business that combines her love of cooking with her imaginative, creative side.