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Jared Lyon

Senior Web Developer/ Web-to-Print Specialist

Ask for a description of Jared and his friends will say he’s humorously quirky, completely laid-back, and hopelessly pedantic. His colleagues will say he’s logical, intelligent, creative, detail-oriented, and thorough. He describes himself as an energetic problem solver. The most simple description of him is on his business card, which reads: “Web guy.”

He admits on his personal website that there’s no way of getting a perfect understanding of who he is. Jared Lyon is simply complex to describe. But there is one thing everyone agrees on: He’s strangely observant of everything, almost omniscient. A soft clicking noise only dogs can hear? He hears it. The shirt you’re wearing today and also wore three days ago? He knows it. That typo on the memo you just distributed? He catches it.

Oddly enough, though, Jared is easy to know. He’s forthright in speaking about his upbringing on a Vermont farm. He readily shares his experiences at RIT as an undergraduate student and resident adviser of the Computer Science House. He’ll tell you about the Twin Peaks Festival, an annual celebration of the obscure television drama that he coordinates.

Ask Jared a question about the Internet and he’ll happily explain the intricate relationship between websites and the programming that takes place behind the scenes. As the department’s senior web developer, Jared creates a number of RIT’s websites from start to finish and many others benefit from his consultation on structure and architecture. His websites reveal each client’s individuality and personality, all while delivering the message the client intends.