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Jeff Arbegast

Senior Associate Director, Director of University Design

As a child, Jeff was fascinated with mythology; Arthurian, Norse, Yaruba, and Greek: each held stories that captured his imagination. He was struck by how different cultures had startlingly similar myths, and how universal truths could be shared through stories and art. He came close to pursuing a degree in Mythology, but instead chose to focus on communication through his love of design.

As the art director for University Publications, Jeff captures the spirit and enthusiasm of RIT in all of his work. He knows this university well, having earned a master’s degree from the School of Design.

Jeff remains a passionate reader, and is still influences by universal myths. He is a big fan of Joseph Campbell, the American writer whose concept of the hero’s journey was one of the sources for the Star Wars film trilogy. He also loves the works of L.E. Modesitt, Jr., a prolific science fiction and fantasy writer.