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Mark Marcello

Web Developer/ Web-to-Print Specialist

Pop shovit. Bank shot. MySQL. No-lift shifting.

This is Mark Marcello’s language.

So what's he talking about? Depending on the day it could be cars, skateboarding, billiards or computers. These are all Mark’s passions. What connects these obscure interests? Technical skill.

To modify his car, complete a flat land skateboarding trick, bank an eight ball with precision, or build an intricate website all take high levels of skill, concentration and knowledge.

And, luckily for a guy who can’t sit still, they also keep him very busy. Mark is always doing something. If not one of these distinct hobbies, then it's finishing his second Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction at RIT or, in his “downtime,” mastering a video game. For University Publications, Mark uses these technical skills to design and develop websites as the department’s web designer.

But if you’re interested in finding out what those terms mean, he’d love to talk to you. A true “people-person,” Mark won't mind if you ask him to describe a pop shovit or no-lift shifting.