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Investment Criteria

First and foremost, we are seeking growth-oriented businesses with a clear link to RIT including:

  • RIT Faculty/Staff
  • RIT Students
  • RIT Alumni
  • Funded Research Sponsors of RIT
  • IP Licensees
  • Venture Creations Incubator companies

All companies will be required to first fill out our Contact Form and then to submit an Online Application which will include an executive summary, an investor slide deck, and full business plan. We are seeking businesses with the following key attributes:

Leadership Team

The Company should employ the inventor and have an experienced CEO

Market Opportunity

The product or service should address a sufficiently large market

Value Proposition

The product should represent a 10X improvement over state of the art

Competitive Advantage

The Company needs to be able to fight off competition (patents, trade secrets, etc.)

Technology Readiness

Products that are ready and have been tested by customers - FDA / other approval?

Terms of the Deal

The founders must have a realistic expectation of their valuation - 5-10X return potential

Companies will be considered for investment solely at the discretion of the Fund Manager. Companies not yet ready for Fund consideration may be referred to other groups within the RIT entreprenuerial ecosystem, e.g. Venture Creations or the Simone Center for Entrepreneurship.