Several areas currently work collaboratively to support RIT’s Web presence. Primary areas are University Publications, ETC Production Services, and Information and Technology Services (ITS). The Web Advisory Committee is a campus-wide Web committee charged with guiding RIT’s overall Web presence.


  • Charge & Membership – An institutional-level committee responsible for providing strategic guidance in RIT’s continually evolving Web presence. Voting members are appointed by each divisional vice president and are expected to represent institutional and divisional interests. Web developers participate in meetings to provide input and to better understand details of Institute interests.
  • Accountability – The Web Advisory Committee guides RIT Web design, development, and deployment in an effort to assist or support RIT brand identity, strategic needs and interests as defined by RIT’s brand research, strategic plan and divisional plans. Specifically, the Committee will monitor, manage, intervene, influence, measure and determine the effectiveness of the official RIT Web presence in achieving identified institute goals.
  • Function – The RIT Web presence is viewed as large-scale information, communication and service solution intended to provide national and global visibility, clarity in message and awareness, and capability in compelling institute interests.
  • Method – The actual effors in Web design, development, deployment and maintenance will be achieved through the management of a Web design and developer team, comprised of a selected composition of talents and skills across campus. This is Predominately, University Publications, Educational Technology Services, and Information and Technology Services will provide the greatest base of this talent pool. The team will be headed by the leadership of the Web Advisory Committee. An agile approach to project management will be used on many projects in an effort to best leverage creativity and innovation in resulting works.

For resolution of any questions, conflicts, or concerns about RIT’s Web presence, you may contact one of the co-chairs of the Web Advisory Committee:

  • Dan Shelley, Assistant Vice President and Director of Undergraduate Admissions, 585-475-6736 or
  • Dave Hostetter, Associate Chief Information Officer, ITS, 585-475-5685 or