ASC Math and Physics Tutoring

  • Do you have math or physics questions?
  • Do you want to go over your homework or test and understand your mistakes?
  • Are you looking for a quiet place to work?
  • Is there a math or physics concept you just can’t grasp?
  • "YES" to any of these questions? Come to the ASC Math Lab or Sol Study Center.

The ASC Math Lab and Sol Study Center provide free, drop-in math and physics tutoring.  All tutors can help with algebra, trigonometry and calculus courses. Many tutors are engineering students and will help with any level of physics. Other tutors are proficient in higher level math classes. View and download the current quarter’s Tutor Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Sol Study Center and where is it?

What other math resources are available to me through the ASC?

What can I do on my own to improve my math skills?

I am not sure why I am struggling with math. Who can I talk to?