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The Academic Support Center provides services for all RIT and RIT/NTID supported Baccalaureate and Graduate degree-seeking students. Any NTID students enrolled in an associate’s degree program such as NTID’s AAS, AOS or AA program should first seek academic support from NTID’s Counseling and Academic Advising Services office.



NOTE: Due to the RIT semester conversion, changes will occur in this service. For more information about fall semester 2013, please contact or call 585-475-6682.

Structured Monitoring is a fee-based program offered through the Academic Support Center (ASC). The program provides one-on-one appointments that focus on improving students' academic performance. Students are assigned to a Learning Specialist who they may choose to meet with once, twice, or three times a week. Appointment topics may include: time management, organization, motivation, study skills, planning and prioritizing school work. Students will be encouraged to advocate for themselves and to become increasingly independent at the college level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Arrow HOW does Structured Monitoring Work?

Once a student enrolls in Structured Monitoring he or she will be contacted by the Program Coordinator to schedule an intake meeting. During this meeting students will learn about the program and sign the program agreement. Students will also be asked to sign a parental release which allows us to communicate with the student's family. Once this process is completed, each student is assigned a Learning Specialist who will work with the student's schedule to set up weekly meetings. The number of meetings a week is based on the level in which the student chooses to enroll. During regularly scheduled meetings, the student and the Learning Specialist will work on academic success skills to help increase the student's ability to be successful in college. The Learning Specialist will also complete a mid-term and end-of-the-quarter assessment for the student.

Accordion Arrow What academic skills does Structured Monitoring focus on?

  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Goal setting
  • Course monitoring (attendance, grades, due dates etc.)
  • Course specific academic strategies (i.e. reading, note taking, consolidation, and review)
  • Building independent academic strategies
  • Building self-motivation

Accordion Arrow HOW does Structured Monitoring differ from other academic support programs?

Students choose to voluntarily enroll in Structured Monitoring for many different reasons. Some students choose to use the support service to aid in their transition to college or to increase their academic progress. Although many students with disabilities choose to participate in the program, documentation of a disability is NOT a requirement for enrollment. Structured Monitoring can be beneficial to any student, regardless of major or academic year. It offers a very intentional one on one support for students, and a student may choose to utilize the program for as long as he or she needs support. Learning Specialists will collaborate with academic departments and other support services on campus to support students who participate in the program.

Accordion Arrow Structured Monitoring Fee Schedule

  • LEVEL 1 ($440): meets one hour per week
  • LEVEL 2 ($880): meets two hours per week
  • Option A: allows for two one-hour meetings per week
  • Option B: allows for three meetings during the week (1 hour/ ½ hour/ ½ hour)
Semester Fee Schedule: FALL 2013
  • Level 1 ($660): meets once a week for 15 weeks.
  • Level 2 ($1320): meets twice a week for 15 weeks.
  • Note: All appointments are one hour meeting times

Accordion Arrow WHAT is the policy on attendance for Structured Monitoring appointments?

Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings. If a student does not show up, the Learning Specialist will outreach to the student to reschedule. If attendance at appointments begins to become an issue, either the Learning Specialist or Program Coordinator will make contact with the student's parents. (NOTE: Students must sign our Release of Information form for this to occur.)

Accordion Arrow HOW can students enroll in Structured Monitoring?

Click here for the Enrollment Form & Billing Statement. The student's account will not be charged until after the term begins. Please contact or call 585-475-6682 with any questions regarding billing and enrollment.