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Past Speakers

Alex Kipman
2013 Commencement Speaker Alex Kipman Microsoft Engineer May 17th, 2013
Bill Nye
2012 Commencement Speaker Bill Nye Science Educator May 25th, 2012 Click Here to view the video from the 2012 commencement ceremony. (Mr. Nye's speech is not recorded)
Brian L. Hinman
2011 Commencement Speaker Brian L. Hinman Entrepreneur and Inventor May 22, 2011
Bob Schieffer
2010 Commencement Speaker Bob Schieffer Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News May 22, 2010
Ursula Burns
2009 Commencement Speaker Ursula Burns President of Xerox Corp May 22, 2009
Stan McKenzie
2008 Commencement Speaker Dr. Stanley McKenzie Former RIT Provost May 23, 2008
Bill Clinton
2007 Commencement Speaker William Jefferson Clinton 42nd President of the United States May 25, 2007
Dean Kamen
2006 Commencement Speaker Dean Kamen Entrepreneur and inventor of Segway May 26, 2006
Senator Daniel Inouye
2005 Commencement Speaker Senator Daniel Inouye Senator of Hawaii May 20, 2005 Click here to watch his speech.
Anne Mulcahy
2004 Commencement Speaker Anne M. Mulcahy Chairman & CEO Xerox Corporation May 21, 2004
Senator Charles Schumer
2003 Commencement Speaker Senator Charles Schumer Senator of New York May 23, 2003
George J. Tenet
2002 Commencement Speaker George J. Tenet Director, Central Intelligence Agency May 24, 2002