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Congrats to my brother Stephen Vives! #RITGRAD

Congrats to jared unger and valerie carrera today! :) #RITGRAD

I'm so happy the love of my life, Kevin, is finally graduating! Its about time! Will you marry me babe? #RITGRAD

Ya boy!!! Masters degree in 4 years! #RITGRAD


shoutout to the doores family! hi tim! :))) #RITGRAD

@RITGRAD Tony Schepis, we're all so proud of you! Rock on, #RITGRAD! Love, The Meatball's Family #engineersrule


RT @colecontompasis: congrats @_rycontompasis!!! we're all go proud of you! #RITgrad

SG president- ready for action #rit


@JChanthalM is the girl who demanded to read in pre-k and is now graduating from RIT. We love you jasmine! #ritgrad


Congrats Justin Dambra. We are so proud of you. Love Mom, Dad and Joslyn #RITGRAD

CONGRATS JD!! 👏🎓 🎉 @jdonthetwittter #RITGRAD

Congrats to Melissa Mom & Dad. #RITGrad

Congratulations to our son David on his graduation from RIT CAST. We are all proud of you! #RITGRAD


#RITgrad Yay Nola! Congrats on a job well done!


Congrats hubby! Bout damn time! ;) #RITGRAD

#ritgrad Congratulations Stephen Vives! We are proud of you!

Congrats to my big brother Ben on graduating from RIT this weekend! #RITGrad #GoBenny

RT @saunderscollege: 2013 grads: tweet #RIT and #RITgrad at commencement this year to see your tweets and photos on the big screen!

#ritgrad Congratulations to CIAS grad Stephen Vives

Congratulations to Victor Calamaro on his #graduation from #RIT !!!

Mom and I love you Logan! Congrats #RITGRAD!


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