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Congrats sis!! Looking good as always! Love you #RITgrad


Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son #congrats #RITgrad #RIT Congratulations Kevin! 🎓

Mike Lopez- congrats on graduation! So proud of you, love you! #ritgrad

#RITgrad Phil Rodriguez, the greatest brother ever graduates today! Proud of your accomplishments!

Congratulations Matt on your MBA! You did it! The kids and I are so proud! Love you! Lynn #RITgrad

#RITGRAD yay Tyler Peterson... Racecars to Rockets. You've done great. Love you, Mom & Dad

Congrats @dougstrouth for graduating in 3 years with honors and all that other stuff hanging round his neck #ritgrad

Business banner... like a boss. #RITGrad


#RITgrad Garrett Kimble. Mama loves you!


#RITGRAD go Nicky sooooo proud of you son! <3 momma

#RITGRAD congratulations to Nina DeStevens. We are so proud of you. Mom Dad Chris and Emmie

Video game design of the future starts here. So proud of you Jason! #RITGRAD

Amazing job Brandon Boudrias ! Congratulations :) we all love you dearly and are so proud #ritgrad

Congratulations Maddy Hammer. WE are very proud of you and love YOU VERY much!!! #RITGRAD #RIT

Congrats Jeff and Amy, been a long road! #ritgrad

Congrats Tom Gray on your graduation! We are so proud of you and that mechanical engineering degree! #RITgrad #Roo

BROJAS!!! My brother is an #RITGrad!🎓


Congratulations to all RIT graduates of 2013. This is it, Phil! Love from the van der Lugt's. #RIT #RITGRAD

So proud of you, Keri! I love you! #RITgrad

so proud of my brother conor for graduating from RIT today! Congratulations! #RITgrad

we're in the back row so we can leave early #ritgrad

Kudos to the guy walking around as Waldo. Excellent. #RITGRAD

#RITGRAD CONGRATULATIOS!!! Chris Massey Much love Uncle John & Aunt Lori


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