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Program-Level Assessment Support

Transition to Semesters: Assessment Support from the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Office

How do programs continue to assess program-level student learning outcomes during the transition to semesters?

Be strategic and selective about your program-level assessment to manage the transition from Quarters to Semesters. Our focus is on:

  • Assessing 1-2 program-level student learning outcomes each year.
  • Selecting courses/assignments that are included in both quarter and semester programs (capstone, co-op, major project).
  • Working on major elements of program-level assessment plan (e.g., develop or refine scoring guides or rubrics, analyze existing data).
  • Creating opportunities for conversations about assessment data.

Here is a sampling of potential workshops we provide, or we will customize training for your program faculty.

  • Selecting assignments and developing rubrics that align to program level outcomes
  • Identifying benchmarks
  • Determining what and how to assess program-level outcomes during the transition to semester

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your faculty. Please call on us at 585.475.2310, OR visit our website at: