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RIT Course List
Use the Student Information System to access the course catalog.

Provost Approved Non 3 Credit Courses
These courses  PDF have received Provost approval for the stated credit and contact hours.

Course Information Database

To manage conversion of course information submitted through program approval process as WORD documents, Team Phoenix a software development student team worked with Registrar's office to create SemCon SemCon a Course information database.

Course Substitutions and Waivers: Calendar Conversion Guidance

As programs endeavor to help students stay on track and move to timely completion of program requirements, situations will arise where a student may not be able to complete a required course or becomes aware during their last term that they lack a specific number of credit hours to graduate. Through the IAP process, programs and advisors should utilize the following 5 options to help the student complete his/her program on time.