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Authoritative information source for students about semester conversion

Who needs this guide

  • ALL students who entered RIT on quarters and will finish on semesters are transition students and will need to consult this guide regularly and frequently.
  • Students who will be close to graduating by the end of summer quarter 2012-13.

Who does not need this guide

  • Students who are confident they will graduate before Septembr 2013 will not be affected by the conversion to semesters and will not need this guide.

Did you know?

  • Under semesters, most classes will carry 3 credits, not 4, as under quarters.
  • Most students will take 5 courses per semester.
  • There will be a number of new general education courses available.
  • To convert quarter credit hours to semester credit hours multiply quarter credits by 2/3 (or 0.67).
  • Your GPA will be the same on quarters as on semesters.
  • You will pay the same tuition on semesters as on quarters, but a semester bill will be larger than a quarter bill.