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Who is my advisor?

Every student is assigned a primary academic advisor upon enrollment at RIT. Your academic advisor is your first point of contact for all academic advising issues.

If you are a graduating senior completing your quarter program requirements during academic year 2012-2013, as soon as possible schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to ensure your plan is on track.

If you are transitioning earned credits from the quarter system to the semester system, your academic advisor will reach out to work with you during academic year 2012-2013 to develop your transition plan for semester conversion. This transition plan is called an Individual Advising Plan or IAP.

If you do not know your academic advisor’s name or his/her contact information you can find this information on your Student Center landing page. Access the SIS Infocenter and select Student Info System. Your primary academic advisor’s name appears on the right side of your student center landing page.