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RIT's Commitment to Students

President Destler has pledged that the first principle of the semester conversion process is "to protect all students from any academic harm during the change from quarters to semesters."

Specifically, transition students can be assured of the following:

  • they will not lose earned credits as a result of the conversion;
  • they will not incur additional costs because of the conversion; and
  • the conversion will not delay their graduation (link to Destler's Pledge).

Student Responsibilities

Faculty, staff, and administrators across RIT have worked hard to prepare a conversion process fully supportive of the president's pledge. For their part, students must recognize that they too bear responsibility for a smooth transition to semesters and a timely graduation. Most importantly, you must

  • stay fully informed about the conversion process through familiarity with this online guide;
  • meet with your academic advisor during AY 2012-13 to agree upon a curriculum plan through and beyond the conversion;
  • follow that plan (known as the Individual Advisement plan, or IAP) as closely as possible;
  • get your questions answered through the “contact us” part of this guide or consultation with your advisor.