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How will the conversion to semesters affect students

Current RIT students who are not planning to graduate before September 2013 will be impacted by the conversion. The purpose of this online guide is to provide these students with timely information about what will be different and how they should prepare for these differences.

Some of the major changes you can expect are:

  • adjustments to your academic program (or major) including
    • a reduction in the number of credits required to graduate (one semester credit is equivalent to .67 of one quarter credit, although one semester credit will still signal one hour of class time);
    • many more 3-credit courses;
    • a typical course load of five 3-credit courses per term.
  • new billing and payment schedules for tuition, fees, housing, and meal plans (the yearly totals for these charges will be the same as they would be on quarters, but the charges per term will be higher because the totals are divided by two, not three);
  • a new (and greatly improved) student information system — including course schedules and wait list and degree audit functions;
  • a three-week optional intersession term in January;
  • some modifications to existing academic policies (e.g., student year classifications; course withdrawal dates; probation and suspension; Incompletes)

This online guide will provide you further information regarding these and other changes in plenty of time to be useful.