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IAP in detail

During AY 2012-13 your academic advisor will initiate an advising session with you to discuss your Individual Advising Plan (IAP). The IAP is a list of your program requirements (courses and coops) and the transition plan for your earned credits as of the date of your IAP advising session. Not all forms used for IAP's will look the same, but the following sample gives you some idea about the typical content and format:

IAP Sample

All transition students must meet with their academic advisor for an IAP advising meeting before August 26, 2013 which begins RIT’s first semester term. At the IAP advising meeting, you and your academic advisor will discuss your IAP for transition. The IAP is not a contract, but rather a best-case projection of your anticipated progression through the achievement of your degree. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and/or make adjustments to the plan.

It will be signed by you and your academic advisor to signify that the advising meeting occurred. An IAP advising hold will prohibit enrollment for fall 2013-2014 it will be removed by your academic advisor once you complete your IAP meeting. The hold indicates that your IAP meeting has not yet occurred.

When you log into your Student Center in SIS, you will see a hold for advising. When you click on the details link, you will see the start term as fall 2013-2014. When you click on the specific hold item, it will open up to a more detailed description telling you that it is an Individual Advisement Plan hold. This prohibits enrollment for the fall semester of the 2013-2014 but it does not prohibit your 2012-2013 fall, winter, spring or summer quarter enrollments.