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Fitness Center

Fitness Lab

RIT Fitness Lab

The Fitness Lab is a collaborative effort between the Center for Bioscience Education and Technology and Student Wellness that provides services to the RIT community. The Lab offers services to individuals looking to better understand their current fitness level and/or those interested in starting or modifying an exercise program.

The Lab offers two main services: Fitness Assessment and Exercise Program Creation.

Fitness Assessment

This service involves the evaluation of the 5 primary areas of health related fitness: Body Composition, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Aerobic Capacity, and Flexibility. Individuals undergo an initial medical screening and then complete a series of tests to evaluate each of the 5 components. All participants are given a comprehensive report detailing the results of their assessment. This service is beneficial to those looking to begin an exercise program, to those that have been regularly exercising for an extended period of time, or anyone generally interested in their current fitness level.

Exercise Program Creation

This service involves the design and implementation of a personalized exercise program based upon the individual's goals and interests. Individuals undergo an initial medical screening and then speak with a member of our staff regarding their goals for the program. All participants are guided through their program by a member of our staff and are then provided with all of the necessary information to make their exercise program a success.

More detailed information and to schedule an appointment please visit the main Fitness Lab website at: