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Fitness Center

Wellness: Courses

The Wellness Instructional Program is divided into 8 disciplines and offers more than 550 courses during the academic year.

Students are required to take two wellness classes before they graduate, but there is no limit to the number of classes students can take. A nominal fee is charged for courses. The Institute covers the first two classes up to $180 in total course fees. Student accounts are credited automatically after add/drop ends. Please contact Student Financial Services directly with any questions.

Registration, add/drop and withdraw dates for Wellness courses coincide with the dates determined by the Office of the Registrar, as all academic classes do as well.

To view course descriptions, term schedule, or to register, go to the Student Information System

How to enroll in a Wellness Instructional Program Course

For a comprehensive list of ALL Fall Semester Classes, click here.

Health and Wellness Seminars (WHWS) Health and Wellness Seminars

Massage: Holistic Therapy, Sexuality and Safety, Eating, Body Image and Food, Motivation and Leadership, How to Become Smoke Free, Spirituality & Health and Stress Management.

Dance (WDAN) Health and Wellness Seminars

Ballet, Ballroom, Beginner Dance, Country Line Dance, Latin , Jazz, Swing, Irish Step, Tap, Advanced Tap, Argentine Tango, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Hustle™, Hip Hop Fitness, "So You Think You Can Dance", and Contemporary World Dance.

Fitness (WFIT) Health and Wellness Seminars

Cardio Conditioning, Power Sculpt, Cardio-Boxing & Abs, Aqua: Tone and Condition, Weight Training (Beginner, Intermediate and Women only sections), Spinning, Endurance Spinning, Spin and Sculpt, Spin and Core, Extreme Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, PiYo™, Turbo Kick™, TurboKick and Abs, Bootcamp, Running for Fitness and Competition, Triathlon Training, Walking for Fitness, Personal Training Certification, Student Personal Training, Personal Training, Deep Water Challenge, Personal Training and Diet, Swimming for Fitness, Pilates (Beginner and Intermediate), Power Yoga, Core Glutes and Abs, Kickboxing, Drums Alive, Health/Fitness Challenge, Zumba, 120 Day Challenge, Humans vs. Zombies Bootcamp, Sunrise Yoga, Intro to Fitness, and Beginner Spinning.

Life Support and Safety (WHLS) Health and Wellness Seminars

CPR, Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, First Aid, Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instruction.

Lifetime Recreation and Leisure (WREC) Health and Wellness Seminars

Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Basketball Bootcamp. Pocket Billiards, Advanced Pocket Billiards, Bowling, Diving, Fencing, Advanced Fencing, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee , Golf (Beginner and Advanced), Disc Golf, Horseback/English (off-campus), Horseback/Western (off-campus), Ice Skating, In-Line Skating, Ice Hockey, Juggling, Officiating (basketball, softball, flag football), Racquetball, Sabre, Softball, Team Handball, Soccer (Indoor/Outdoor), Skiing (downhill), Snow Boarding, Swimming, Tennis, Dodge ball, Curling, Table Tennis, Fresh Water Fly Fishing, Women's Lacrosse, Sports Smorgasbord , Volleyball and Pickleball.

Outdoor Education (WINT) Health and Wellness Seminars

Backpacking, Camp Cooking, Canoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Kayaking, Kayak Rolling, Hiking, Rock Climbing (Indoor & Outdoor), Bouldering, Top-Rope Set Up, Training for Climbers, Ice Climbing, Snow Shoeing, Adirondack Snowshoeing, Wilderness Skills, Bicycle Care/Maintenance, Trail Maintenance, Backcountry Basics, Bouldering/Coopers Rock, Facetime, Team Building Tools, Canoe Camping, Leave No Trace Trainer, Adirondack Spring Break, Climbing/Technical Skills, Climbing/Toprope Set-up, Cycling for Fitness, and Orienteering.

Martial Arts (WMAR) Health and Wellness Seminars

Aikido, Karate, Kung Fu, Kung Fu Self Defense, Kung Fu Rank Test Review, Kali Level I, Qigong, Tai Chi, Self-Defense, Sparring and Brazilian Capoeira.

ROTC (WMIL) Health and Wellness Seminars

Army ROTC (leadership drills and leadership lab), Air Force ROTC (physical training and leadership lab) and Navy ROTC.