About The Site



Patricia Durr, Associate Professor, Dept. of Cultural and Creative Studies


If you are a Deaf Artist and would like your work to be included in this site or have any questions, please contact Patti Durr at paddhd@rit.edu.


Special thanks to all the artists and publishers who have agreed to have their work featured in this website.


Website designed by:

Cathy Clarke, Simon Ting, and Marie Buckley, NTID Educational Design Resources


Copyright and Resource Person:

Joan Naturale, RIT Wallace Memorial Library


Contributor and Advisor:

Paula Grcevic, NTID Art and Computer Design Dept.



Criteria for Selection to the RIT Deaf Artist Website:

This website will be selecting works of art based on Donna Reid’s criteria, which is published in her book, Thinking and Writing about Art:  (works must meet a minimum of 5 out of the 7 below)

  • catch the viewer’s attention
  • are innovative, original or creative
  • give evidence of technical skill
  • cause an emotional response: impact the viewer
  • have a message, something significant to say
  • show effective use of the medium
  • change our view of the world


In addition, for acceptance into this website: (these requirements must be met)

  • the artist must be Deaf, hard of hearing, or late deaf.  If the artist is hearing, her/his work but have Deaf subject matter
  • their work must have received some professional recognition of a non-student nature (i.e. awards, gallery shows, exhibitions, been published in notable magazines, etc).
  • artworks need to be accessible for viewing
  • artists in the collection must update the curator of any changes in email address, website, etc.
  • artwork will remain as a permanent part of the website collection.