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De'VIA: Invesigating Deaf Visual Art
by Patti Durr

(Article reproduced with permission from the Deaf Studies Conference Proceedings publisher)


Deaf Culture: The Arts
from A Journey into the Deaf World

by Harlan Lane, Robert Hoffmeister, Ben Bahan





"De'VIA: Art Talk" at Deaf Studies Today 2004
by Chuck Baird




Deconstructing the Forced Assimilation of Deaf People Via De'VIA Resistance and Affirmation Art
by Patti Durr





Artists (book extract)
Chapter 4 of Deaf Heritage By Jack Gannon



Gannon, Jack. "Deaf Artists." Deaf Heritage. Silver Spring, MD: National Association of the Deaf, 1981. 93-156.



Elements of a Culture
Visions by Deaf Artists
by Brenda Schertz and Harlan Lane






Expression in Print
by Joan Popovich-Kutscher



WFD News: Pamela Witcher



Master Printmaker: Joan Popovich-Kutscher
by Terri Manning




Spotlight On . . . Robert Wittig
by Raymond Luczak




Where Are They Now? Ann Silver
by David Rosenbaum, SIGNews staff writer

Granville Redmond:
Manuscript by Mildred Albronda

With permission from the Mildred Albronda Memorial Trust. Eric Albronda/Vicki Brenner, Administrators. PO Box 1145, Mount Shasta, California, 96067. Hyperlink "" or Hyperlink ""


Movers and Shakers
Francisco Goya: Brush with Light

By Cathryn Carroll and Susan M. Mather





My Experience as an Artist Vis-a-vis Deaf Art
by Ann Silver




David Bloch
by Vivian Alpert Thompson




Spinning Gold
By Emily Andreano




Tactile Mind Articles
by Sara Stallard




by Louise Stern




Mary Rappazzo's Studio
Hearing Health Sept-Oct. 1998: 34-35




Deaf Art: What For? (a dissertation)
by Amy Forbes-Robertson



Forbes-Robertson, Amy. "Deaf Art: What For?" Diss. University of Bristol, 2004. Taubenschlag. 2005. 23 Nov. 2005 <


A Thesis in Art Education (a dissertation)
by Betty G. Miller




The Magic Lantern Man
by Theophilus Hope d'Estrella