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DiiT Series on Graphic Communication

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The DiiT Series on Graphic Communication labs are located in the heart of the RIT campus. The Lab facilities are located in the James E. Booth Memorial building (room 07A-A321) in the Arts and Imaging Studies department computer laboratories.


The Booth lab area provides several computer labs located adjacent to each other. Its principal resources are its computers -- 10 Apple computers, an instructor computer, and a server. All are connected to the Internet, and have the latest software suites of Art and Design software installed and running on the most recent Apple desktop systems.


Image of the Booth Computer labs


Second photograph of the Booth computer labs


The room is ringed with computer workstations while a large table in placed in the center of the room. Attendees at workshops sit at the central table for demonstration by the instructor and for group discussion, and then move to workstations for individual computer work.


A computer projection system is in place, as is an instructor workstation, and printers.