Join The Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum

The purpose of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum is to stimulate scholarship on ethics and the teaching of ethics in all academic disciplines and to afford an opportunity for the exchange of research.

Membership is $30/year for an individual and $50/year for an institution and includes a one-year subscription to the Society's journal, Teaching Ethics. Individuals and institutions that make special contributions annually to the journal shall be listed prominently on the inside front cover, along with a statement from the Board expressing its gratitude, in accordance with their level of funding:

Patron, $1000
Sponsor, $500
Benefactor, $300
Contributor, $100

Name (print): ______________________

Preferred address: _______________________

City: _____________________

State: ______ Zip: ________

Institutional affiliation: ____________________

Home phone: _______________________

Office phone: _______________________

E-mail address: _____________________

Webpage: __________________________

Make checks payable to the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum (or SEAC) and return to:

Dr. Donna Werner
Philosophy Department (HE 103)
St. Louis Community College, Meramec
11333 Big Bend Road
St. Louis MO 63122-5799