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Ph.D. in Sustainability:

This broadly defined multidisciplinary program is for students who are driven to become sustainability change agents within industry (executive management, product development, manufacturing & remanufacturing, supply chain management, and service), executive and legislative branches of government, nongovernmental agencies, academic institutions, professional associations, financial and investment communities, the indemnification industry, and the legal profession.

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M.S. in Sustainable Systems:

Like the Ph.D. program, the M.S. program focuses on sustainable production systems - systems that create goods and services using processes that conserve energy and natural resources and are non-polluting, economically viable, and safe and healthful for workers, communities, and consumers. Graduates will be prepared to undertake or continue careers in their chosen fields with an understanding of basic sustainability principles and the expertise to analyze and solve complex sustainability issues.

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Master of Architecture:

The M.Arch. program is the latest addition to GIS's graduate-level academic offerings. The new program emphasizes sustainability, urbanism and integrated practice, and it was developed in partnership with leading architecture professionals.

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