Hospitality & Service Management
International Hospitality & Service Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management Undergraduate Program The BS degree in International Hospitality and Service Management prepares students for a wide variety of career choices in food management, hotel/resort management, health care management, corporate travel management, food marketing sales and distribution, and human resources. A career in the hospitality industry has become highly specialized in today's business world, and RIT graduates are in demand.

The program's concentrations provide broad-based views of service management, hospitality, travel, and client care through a common core of courses. This approach promotes an understanding of the interrelationships among the food, lodging, travel, and health care industries based on the underlying concept of quality service management. This approach allows students to retain the flexibility to switch majors or jobs if their career goals change. These diverse and specialized fields require creative problem solving, technical knowledge, communication skills, and leadership.

RIT's hospitality and service management program is among the nation's leading hospitality and travel management programs, recognized by Forbes, Travel Weekly, Nation's Restaurant News, and Corporate Travel magazines. The program is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges. Our alumni come from around the United States and from more than 38 countries.

Catering Manager
Manager – Tasting Room
General Manager
Front Desk Associate
Guest Service Supervisor

BS degree in International Hospitality and Service Management
Semester Curriculum: 60 credits of department courses + 60 credits of general education courses (as required by NY State)

Core Courses:  (24 credits)                                      
Credits            Course Name
3                      CAST-HSPT-181-PrinciplesofFoodHotelandTourismOperations
3                      CAST-HSPT-281-ServiceManagementinaGlobalEconomy                     

3                      CAST-HSPT-284-HospitalityIndustrySalesandMarketing                                  
3                      CAST-HSPT-381-TechnologyinHospitalityServiceSystems                                 
3                     CAST-HSPT-383-AssessingandImprovingServiceQuality                                   
3                      CAST-HSPT-384-FinancialConceptsForHospitalityManagers                           
3                      CAST-HSPT-481-LeadershipInnovationinServiceIndustries                              
3                      CAST-HSPT-490-SeniorProject 
Concentration Courses: (15 credits)    
Choice of 4 concentrations or create a custom concentration from department courses                   

  • Food and Beverage Mgt.                 
    • 3  CAST-FOOD-121-PrinciplesofFoodProduction
    • 1  CAST-FOOD-123-SanitationandSafety               
    • 3  CAST-FOOD-223-FoodandBeverageManagement
    • 1  CAST-FOOD-224-ServingAlcoholSafely             
    • 4  CAST-FOOD-226-RestaurantOperations
    • 3  CAST-FOOD-325-FoodInnovationand Development                 
  • International Hotel and Resort Mgt.          
    • 3  CAST-HSPT-131-HotelManagementandOperations                    
    • 3  CAST-HSPT-232-HospitalityRealEstateandFacilitiesManagement
    • 3  CAST-HSPT-235-International Destinations
    • 3  CAST-HSPT-334-International Resort Management                                
    • Choice:
      • 3  CAST-HSPT-234-NegotiationandConflictResolution
      • 3  CAST-HSPT-336-InternationalRiskAssessmentandHospitalityLaw
  • Entertainment and Event Mgt.       
    • 3  CAST-HSPT-244-MeetingandEventManagement
    • 3  CAST-HSPT-246-CasinoManagement                              
    • 3  CAST-HSPT-248-ProjectManagementforEvents                                      
    • 3  CAST-HSPT-345-VenueManagement                                                       
    • Choice:
      • 3  CAST-HSPT-234-NegotiationandConflictResolution
      • 3  CAST-HSPT-336-InternationalRiskAssessmentandHospitalityLaw
  • International Food Marketing and Distribution
    • 1  CAST-FOOD-123-SanitationandSafety 
    • 3  CAST-FOOD-151-InternationalFoodDistribution
    • 1  CAST-FOOD-153-FoodsoftheWorld
    • 1  CAST-FOOD-251-CommodityMarketAnalysis
    • 3  CAST-FOOD-454-FoodProcessingQualityandIntegrity
    • 3  CAST-FOOD-325-FoodInnovationand Development     
    • 3  Packaging Materials (no prerequisites; bridge course 0607-502)
  • General Hospitality – a custom concentration; 5 department courses chosen by the student.   For example, a custom concentration on Wine/Beverages could be created from the courses offered here.
    • _______________
    • _______________
    • _______________
    • _______________
    • _______________


Additionally, students take Program Electives (9 credits) and Free Electives (6 credits).  These 15 credits can be used by the student to add a second department concentration or a minor selected from other RIT departments. A list of RIT minors is available at
For example, a Hotel/Resort or other Hospitality concentration could be paired with an RIT minor in Accounting, Finance, Web Design, Communication, International Business, Environmental Science, or any of many others.  RIT offers many opportunities for you to customize your educational experience, including study abroad.

Business Courses:  (6 credits)
3          CAST-HRDE-386-HumanResourcesinHospitality
3          SCB-ACCT-110-FinancialAccounting


General Education credits = 60 credits
All RIT students will take a variety of general education courses for a broad educational base as required by New York State. 

Within these general education credits, students can also choose another concentration or minor. The department recommends that students choose a language and culture general education minor to enhance their integration into the global hospitality business world.

TOTAL = 120 semester credit hours for the BS degree

Course descriptions for semesters coming soon.