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Co-op Policy

A minimum of 5 blocks of cooperative education, integrated throughout the academic course of study, is required. Co-op experiences are approved through the co-op office or through the department (if not listed by the co-op office). The co-op requirement is typically fulfilled through a combination of single and double work blocks. No more than 25 weeks of full-time co-op is completed at one time, so that the co-op experience can be integrated with academic course work.

A student may request to waive one co-op block for various reasons (e.g., BS/MS, BS/ME, study abroad, etc.), but a minimum of 48 weeks must be completed in the remaining 4 blocks. To request a co-op block waiver, a student must submit documentation to the department head that shows the completion of 48 weeks of cooperative work experience. Please note: the co-op work experience is measured in weeks completed, not hours worked. Up to 10 weeks of credit by experience may also be awarded for previous work experience.

Students should register for co-op on SIS and with the co-op office (Job Zone), which triggers employer evaluation forms to be sent to the employer. To receive credit for co-op, a student should: