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ISE Graduate Study Information

The ISE department offers several different degree options to meet the diverse interests of students seeking to continue their education in industrial engineering. Moreover, the ISE faculty are engaged exciting research programs in the areas of manufacturing, ergonomics/biomechanics, systems simulation, optimization, sustainable design, and advanced systems integration/information systems. The department houses several state-of-the-art laboratories in support of these research programs, including the Brinkman Machine Tools and Manufacturing Lab, the Human Performance Lab, the Advanced Systems Integration Lab, the Product and Process Development Lab, and a general Computer Lab.

There are ample computing facilities within these specialized labs as well as a dedicated computer PC lab that offers an extensive library of software to support industrial engineering research and project work; including, conventional word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications (e.g., Office), database management (e.g., ACCESS, FoxPro), data acquisition (e.g., Lab View) statistical analysis (e.g., Minitab, SAS), facilities layout (e.g., AutoCAD, Factory Flow, Factory Plan), systems simulation applications (e.g., Arena), and manufacturing software (e.g., MasterCam, material selection software).