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Undergraduate Programs

Program Options & Minors

ISE Department Program Options in Semesters

Program Options

Program Options in Quarters

The ISE Department currently offers five options within the undergraduate program.The purpose of these options is to allow students to deepen their expertise in one of these engineering-related fields.Program options are indicated on the academic transcript.If you are interested in declaring an option, you can register in the ISE department office.While the department will track progress towards an option, it is the studentís responsibility to ensure that the option requirements are fulfilled.The following is necessary to fulfill the requirements of an option:


         Perform at least 20 weeks of co-op experience in the option area

         Complete courses in an option area using either professional electives (PE) or free electives (see list of approved courses within each option below)


The Ergonomics Program Option allows for further study in the design of systems with respect to biomechanical, physiological and cognitive human capabilities, and how to best integrate humans within systems. 

Ergonomics Option (Complete three courses)

0303-731††† Advanced Topics in Ergo/HF (Approved IE PE)

0303-732††† Biomechanics(Approved IE PE)

0303-734††† Systems Safety Engineering(Approved IE PE)

0303-758††† Design of Experiments(Approved IE PE)


The Supply Chain Management Program Option provides further study in the design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of distribution and logistics activities with the objective of ensuring  the cost-effective delivery of products and services globally. 

Supply Chain Management (Complete three courses)

4002-720††† Data Modeling and Database Implementation(Approved IE PE)

0303-703††† Supply Chain Management

0303-704††† Logistics Management(Approved IE PE)


The Manufacturing Program Option allows for advanced learning in how products can be manufactured, assembled, maintained, and ultimately dissembled in safe, efficient, cost effective, and environmentally acceptable ways.

Manufacturing Option(Complete three courses)

0303-626††† Contemporary Production Systems (Approved IE PE)

0303-727††† Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Approved IE PE)

0303-761††† Rapid Prototyping (Approved IE PE)

0303-801††† Design for Manufacture (Approved IE PE)

0304-615††† Robotics (Approved IE PE)

0304-864††† Production Tool Design (Approved IE PE)


The Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma Program Options allow students to further expand their learning of industry-recognized skills to streamline processes, improve product quality, reduce waste and increase competitive advantage.  The Six-Sigma Program Option has a strong focus on the application of quality methods and tools, while the Lean Six Sigma Program Option  provides a broader focus on the integration and application of process and quality methodologies.

Six-Sigma Option (Complete three courses)

0303-758†† Design of Experiments (Approved IE PE)

*0303-779Engineering Capstone

0307-781 ††Quality Management


Lean Six-Sigma Option (Complete four courses)

0303-728††† Production Systems Management (Approved IE PE)

0303-758††† Design of Experiments (Approved IE PE)

**0303-779 Engineering Capstone

0307-781††† Quality Management


*Capstone project must be focused on Six-Sigma
**Capstone project must be focused on Lean Six-Sigma

Note:Other courses may be acceptable to fulfill the option requirements.However, alternative courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.Students must discuss their choice with their advisor and receive permission from their advisor and department head in writing.

If you are interested in declaring an option, you can register in the ISE department office. While the department will track progress towards an option, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that the option requirements are fulfilled.

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Students can also obtain a minor in many different fields, including
mathematics, business-related disciplines (accounting, finance,
management, international business, management information systems),
and over twenty liberal arts areas (e.g., communications, public policy,
foreign languages, history, and writing).

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