Webinar: Campus Life at RIT
December 12, 9AM

Join us for a live online presentation to learn more about your next steps, connect with current graduate students, review research opportunities, and much more. To join, enter the webinar room 10 minutes before the time of the webinar.

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Campus Services

RIT is a remarkable and diverse university. Life on campus is a living, as well as a learning, experience.

Included on campus are laundry facilities, dining halls, convenience stores, hairdressers, bookstore, religious services, athletic facilities, medical facility, and computer centers. There is transportation provided across campus during most hours. A shuttle bus service is provided at set hours between the campus and local shopping areas. Taxis and the regional public bus service also serve the campus.


The RIT student ID is a picture ID, your RIT library card and your access to campus facilities and events. Once you arrive on campus you can obtain your RIT student ID at the Office of the Registrar on the first floor of the George Eastman Building. Hours of operation and contact information are posted on the Registrar’s website.


All vehicles operated on campus must be registered with Campus Safety, and must display an Institute parking sticker. Both a valid RIT ID and a state car registration (or a copy) are required to register your vehicle. There is an annual fee to park on campus, and institute fines will be imposed if parking and traffic regulations are violated. Click here to register your vehicle online, or by going to the Campus Safety Office in Grace Watson Dining Hall (Building 25). When you register your vehicle, you will receive a Campus Safety map that shows the locations of the courtesy call boxes, parking regulations, and other important information.

Online Learning Note: If you are an online learning student and plan to visit the campus for any reason, such as a weekend lab, a proctored exam, or plan to use the Wallace Library or Fitness Center facilities, etc. you will need to obtain a visitors permit at the Visitors Booth when you first arrive at the campus. This permit is good for one day and allows you to park in the general parking spaces of any of the campus lots. The general parking areas are those that are not labeled with a Reserved sign. Click here for directions to the RIT campus


Barnes & Noble@RIT is RIT's brand new superstore and your source for textbooks, school spirit clothing, gifts, supplies and more. The new super Barnes & Noble is located at Park Point at RIT just off the RIT campus. Transportation will be provided throughout the day from the RIT campus to the bookstore. Hours of operation are listed on the bookstore's website.

For more information, visit the website or call Barnes & Noble@RIT at 585-475-2501.


International Student Services serves as a resource for all deaf and hearing international students on visas as well as for members of the campus community seeking cross-cultural help. International Student Services conducts the new student orientation program at the start of each semester. Also, the PAL (Peer Advisor Leaders) program matches up returning students with new students on a one-to-one basis to help adjust to RIT and the United States.

International Student Services provides additional services including providing advice on immigration issues, coordinating off-campus hospitality through the Rochester International Friendship Council, distribution of the International Students Newsletter, and organizing trips to areas of local interest. For more information, call (585) 475-6943 or visit their website.


Students whose native language is not English can find assistance at the English Language Center. The English Language Center provides courses in writing, grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and reading, as well as in Presentation Skills, Computer Word Processing, Pronunciation, Business Communication and TOEFL Preparation. Tuition is charged for the services of the English Language Center. For more information, call (585) 475-6684, or visit their website.


RIT operates its own Food Service, and offers a variety of dining options including: Grace Watson Dining Hall (Gracies), the Ritz Sports Zone, the Commons, the Crossroads Caf and Market, Global Village Cantina and Grille, and the Student Alumni Union Cafeteria. In addition, the Corner Store offers everything a convenience store has to offer and more. Each dining facility is open at specific hours and has unique menus and services. More information can be obtained by visiting the website .

Graduate students living in the RIT Inn and Conference Center are required to purchase a meal plan (a fixed number of meals per week at a fixed price), and students living in the apartments may choose to do the same. Students may also open a Food Debit Account to be used in any of the Food Service areas. You may deposit any amount of money into your debit account. No minimum balance is required. When using your Food Debit Account to pay for food in any of the Food Service dining areas, you will receive an 8% savings off your total purchase. Any money deposited into your debit account will roll over from semester to semester until the end of the school year.

A Flexible Spending Account differs from a Food Debit Account in that the FSA allows students to purchase goods and services at participating locations not restricted to Food Service areas. For example, you may use a FSA for purchases at all Food Service areas, vending machines, the library, the Campus Connections bookstore, and game rooms, to name only a few. You may establish a Food Debit Account or a Flexible Spending Account in person or by phone at (585) 475-2228.


The Student Health Center provides primary medical care on an outpatient basis. The staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, health educators, and an interpreter for the deaf. Services, available by appointment, include general medical diagnosis and treatment, allergy injections and immunizations, sexual health services, laboratory services, X-rays, mental health services, prescriptions, lifestyle counseling and health education. Students can elect to pay a fixed Health Fee, or a fee per service.

All students are required to carry health insurance coverage through family coverage, a personal policy, or through the RIT sponsored plan. The approximate annual rate for the RIT health insurance plan is $1,000. Find out more information on health insurance on the Student Health Center website.

Center for Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation

The Center for Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation offers some of the finest athletic and recreational facilities in college today. The indoor and outdoor venues host intercollegiate practices, contests, intramural competitions, wellness courses, and provide opportunities for recreational play.

Your RIT student ID card provides you with access to the Hale-Andrews Student Life Center, located between the dormitories and the Student Alumni Union. The Student Life Center features top quality equipment and athletic facilities, such as multipurpose courts, weight room, and indoor track, to help you relieve the tension of a stressful day! For hours and information, call (585) 475-2620.


Centrally positioned on our 1,300-acre campus, RIT Wallace Library is the hub for research and information exchange, housing traditional and digital research materials conveniently under one roof. The library is best described as a high technology, multimedia resource center offering access to a vast array of information resources as well as a place for the RIT community to gather, talk, connect, explore new ideas and more.

Wallace Library is conveniently accessible and open more than 110 hours a week, with extended hours before and during finals. Our After Hours Rooms are open 24 hours Monday-Thursday and Sunday for the late night owl.

Four floors of books, periodicals, help desks, computers, and other electronic media comprise the Library's public facility. Located off the library's lobby is our funky, popular coffeehouse, Java Wally's. Within the library, individual study carrels and small group rooms provide close to 1,000 study spaces. Collections, services and features found within Wallace Library include the Cary Collection (renowned library on printing history), the RIT Archives and Special Collections, and the VIA Lab, providing access to workstations, printing, image scanning, an array of software as well as networked resources.

RIT Libraries, Graduate Coordinator, Linette Koren, has developed a web page specifically for graduate students. This web site provides information about the library services provided specifically for RIT graduate students. See more at Info and Services for Graduate Students.


Security on campus is provided by Public Safety Services, although each individual is responsible for his/her own personal safety. The safety of students and your belongings is a top priority. The campus and its buildings are patrolled regularly, a Mobile Escort van and walking escort service are available 7 days a week, and blue-light courtesy boxes are located throughout the campus.